Located in National University of Singapore Suzhou Research Institute, Suzhou Artificial Intelligence Innovation and Commercialization Center was officially set up in the year of 2017, when National University of Singapore signed the contract with Suzhou Industrial Park Administrative Committee.  The center is committed to the innovation and application of artificial intelligence technology in big data, health care and financial technology, transformation and commercialization of scientific and technological achievements as well. 

The multi-disciplined team of Suzhou AI Center is led by distinguished professor of NUS, Ooi Beng Chin, formed by experts and scholars from NUS School of computing, NUS Faculty of Engineering and other faculties of NUS.

The center is engaged in developing shared smart deep learning systems, providing technical support for small and medium sized enterprises, cultivating top level talents in artificial intelligence and contributing to the eco-systems of Suzhou AI industry in an all-round  way. 

 Our Orientation

The center is devoted to incubating startups in Suzhou, providing technical support for small and medium sized companies so as to help them tackle the barriers by artificial intelligence technology. At the same time, the center is working with Suzhou government, the academic community and the industry community to explore more opportunities that the AI technology takes so as to boost competitiveness for both sides in the future.

Our services

 The center is dedicated to developing services and platforms to enable technical experts to train the artificial intelligence systems, providing well trained and workable artificial intelligence systems for small and medium sized enterprises so as  to help them tackle technical barriers.