Application Fields

 The center is committed to the innovation and application of artificial intelligence technology in big data、health care、financial technology、blockchain and other AI applications. It will incubate hi-tech startups and provide technical support for them.

Health care

Timely medical diagnosis and treatment plan can be provided online through artificial intelligence technology. 

Financial technology

The AI applications in financial industry will be beneficial to financiers and investors as artificial intelligence technology can analyze financial data in a more efficient and effective way than human beings do.


Transactions of distributed database can be recorded and authenticated by blockchain technology, which is also widely used in financial industry、network security、supply chain management、 cloud storage.

Other AI applications

We are also committed to developing other AI applications and solutions for industry.

Research Fields

The team of Suzhou AI Center is formed by experts and scholars from NUS School of Computing, NUS Faculty of Engineering and other faculties of NUS. It is committed to helping small  and medium-sized companies and contributing to Suzhou’s AI eco-system. 

Computer Vision

computer vision is about using computers to analyze pictures to automatically perform sense understanding 

Machine Learning

Machine learning is about using computers to learn about data and experience to perform some specific tasks 

Natural Language Processing

natural language processing is about using computers to understand human languages and their nuances 

Big Data

Big data research is about using computers to perform analytics on large volume of data that are possibly heterogeneous and unstructured   

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is about using computers to seamlessly bless the virtual world into the real world 

Internet of Things

Internet of things is about the smart connection of gadgets and common objects at a massive scale so that each component/user can benefit from the insight drawn from the connected world to achieve greater efficiency, effectiveness and cost saving

Significant Achievements

Open source distributive deep learning platform

Apache SINGA was developed by a team led by professor Ooi Beng Chin. Apache SINGA was used to identify food in a health care app; Zhejiang University also used Apache SINGA for medical image analysis; Apache SINGA was also the artificial intelligence engine used by a startup for financial data analysis and financial news analysis.

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Machine learning as a service platform

RAFIKI provides the training and inference services of machine learning models on cloud platforms. Rafiki provides automatic distributive hyper-parameter tuning (for deciding network configuration such as how many layers, how many modes in the neural network and what is the training rate) for the training service. Rafiki also provides online ensemble modeling for the inference which trades off between latency and accuracy. 

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Automated deep learning platform

PANDA allows people without artificial intelligence expertise to use artificial intelligence technology at ease. PANDA empowers a domain expert such as a medical doctor to fuse his domain knowledge into AI systems for optimum results.

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Distributed storage system

Forkbase,developed by NUS database system laboratory led by Professor Ooi Beng Chin, is a new generation of distributed storage system designed for data version management and data collaborative operation. Forkbase internally implements data version control and branch management compatible with Git semantics on the basis of Merkle DAG. Its original data duplication technology can greatly reduce the storage redundancy between different data versions and effectively support the differentiated query between different data versions. Forkbase is also the first storage system designed for blockchain in the industry. It naturally supports data immutability, tamper-proof modification. and traceability,  greatly simplifies the engineering. implementation of blockchain storage and provides rich query semantic support for blockchain applications built on it. 

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