Commercialization Services

 Free Facilities

   water          lounge         air conditioner          printing         electricity        customer-oriented services

  Value-added Services

 Technical Support 

(The team formed by scholars and experts from NUS will provide technical support in artificial intelligence\ big data, etc.)

 Program Application 

(The center will help startups to apply for the grant at all levels.)

 Legal/Financial Consulting 

(The center will provide consulting services such as equity financing, intelligence property, etc.

 Public Relations 

(Startups will be able to set up a good corporation image and enhance popularity through new media, road show and seminar, etc.

 Financial services

(Banks and investment corporations will be introduced to startups so as to help them with equity investment, risk loans and etc.


AI Center is committed to developing well-trained and workable artificial intelligence systems for domain experts, providing technical support and artificial intelligence solutions for industry.

AI Center is also devoted to incubating technical startups, providing commercialization services and exploring the opportunities that artificial intelligence technology endows.

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